The Goodness story in a sentence.


So anyway, we started making some Chai and then these guys we were dealing with in Australia said they didn’t really want Chai because it wasn’t really a thing over there so we made them some cafe syrups, you know,  caramel, vanilla, hazelnut and so on, and that was fine and then these other guys from Hong Kong who we met in a bar after getting lost in the wrong part of town (long bad story), ordered a range of on-premise syrups off us - which we said we made but actually that wasn’t anywhere close to being true - so to do what we said we did, but didn’t, we bought a bunch of machinery from Alfa Lavel in Sweden which did some things that Alfa Lavel hadn’t done before so they got all excited and sent some guys to New Zealand to figure it all out, which they did, and now they use it as something interesting to talk about in conferences and that’s how The Goodness came about.  

P.S. Also we started making toddies. Just because.

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Cocktail recipes